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Promoting the development of viable commercial markets for renewable and sustainable commodities derived from algae.

Inform and educate about algae’s versatile market

Information about the algae market

Information support resource for the algae value added products industry

What are algae and what can they be used for.

Consortium for industrialization of marine algae

Global news about algae cultivation and applications


Animal feed resources information system

Specialized on the design, built, operation and transfer of commercial-scale microalgae production facilities.

Engages in and funds educational outreach, research, development, and other activities.

Information about the community of algae production specialists

Collaborative website focused on learning about algae research and applications

UK-based network to unlock the IB potential of microalgae

Algae product trader

Promotes mutual interchange and cooperation in the field of biomass production and use, including biofuel uses and all other utilisations.

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