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Sun power + Algae + Technology 


Sustainable Food

Answering an increasing demand for food is one of the most pressing challenges to humankind. Estimates are that by 2050 we would require 3 planets to feed the world if using the current production models. The conclusion is blunt: something has to dramatically change.


We use state of the art technology to produce microalgae, our way to contribute towards that sustainable world.



Microalgae are rich and sustainable

With a rich balance of all essential nutrients and very high productivitymicroalgae are often named super-food.

We produce high-quality autotrophically cultured microalgae, that provide different markets.


An important one is aquacultureWith our help fish farmers produce more sustainable, healthier, and tastier fish.

Our microalgae production is also carbon negative, hence a sustainable source of protein and other essential molecules.

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Pagarete Microalgae Solutions

Rua João Chagas, 4, 7Esq, 1495-069 Algés


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